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     • Dear Dad: How to keep your child safe from confrontation with police, road ragers - Dear Parents - Please teach your children how to avoid confrontation with police officers. Then go out and fight for reforms that are so badly needed. ...
     • How long will public tolerate militarized police? Why are so many blacks killed? - Poice training varies, but police usually have the license to kill if they say they were in fear of their lives. Most police officers are exonerated because of these conditions. ...
     • Gators will rebound as Tally News makes fearless top-20 college football predictions - Grab your seat and hold on to your hat! Football season is going to kick off and fearless prognosticator Jack Strickland tells it like it is going to be. FSU, Alabama, and watch for the Gators. ...
     • Markel letter writer said he must be shut down ‘by all means necessary’ - FSU Professor Dan Markel, shot down brutally last week, thought his family was in danger two years ago in a dispute on the Web. He was seen by some as an elite representative of law schools that were misleading students into thinking there were career opportunities. ...
     • Nation’s tragic cycle of police-citizen violence reminds of a killer’s oath at Florida State prison - The battle between the good guys and the bad guys takes on new meaning alongside a drastic increase in police-related shootings. It is a vicious cycle and well-illustrated by two ex-Florida prisoners who shot and killed four policemen in California years ago. ...
     • Police profiled my car, surrounded me with guns in terrifying mistake - and maybe there is a lesson - Columnist could easily have been more than simple victim of a mistake - he might have been shot by police. Young people need to know that there are times when authority must be obeyed. It could happen to anyone. ...
     • This is how Florida’s prison mills turn small-time criminals into monsters - Instead of rehabilitation, prisoners like Dontae Morris are spit out into society to become more accomplished felons and even murderers. Morris went on a rampage and killed five people, including two police officers. Florida has to do better. ...
     • Florida Daffodil Society shows off some of the astonishing blooms for late winter, early spring - Daffodils are blooming and the Florida Daffodil Society, in its 20th anniversary, shows off some of the best varieties to residents. ...
     • Is young mother who is hauled off to prison a victim of state neglect in child abuse situation? - A young mother who "shocked the conscience of the court" for starving her child did not need to be sentenced to 17 years in prison where she will never get the treatment she needed for neglecting her child. ...
     • The story out of Florida prisons: released, unskilled inmates forced again into life of crime - Dyson A. Graham returned to prison after a hijacking last week, and his life symbolizes what goes on in Florida prisons- which fail to rehabilitate and send unprepared parolees back to a life of crime. ...
     • Cascades Park will have its grand opening on March 14 - After four years of construction, the new Cascades Park will open next month, with its ampitheatre and many events planned in the next 18 months. ...
     • Other shoe ready to fall in Jameis Winston case as alleged victim hires gender-equity attorneys - Jameis Winston as well as FSU may be scrutinized under a fresh legal limelight as the attorney for an FSU student has hired some legal help with expertise in gender equity cases in sports. ...
     • Questions linger about disappearance of Tiffany Sessions, despite naming of purported killer - Questions linger about the suspect in the disappearance of the University of Florida student 25 years ago - despite the fact that a fresh link to a convicted rapist and murderer who died in prison is thought by many to have solved the case. ...
     • Fresh evidence surfaced as grand jury indicted lawman in death of former FAMU student - A second grand jury has indicted a North Carolina law enforcement officer in shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell, a former FAMU student. ...
     • Need tooth pulled or cavity filled? It’s free on Saturday as dentists ‘give back’ to community - A dental association will drill, extract or clean for free on Saturday for those who need dental care and can’t afford it. ...

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    Local and State News and Views...

    Columnist Jack Strickland

    Dear Dad: How to keep your child safe from confrontation with police, road ragers

    August 30, 2014
    By: Jack Strickland

    Dear Dad:

    Your attention is needed. Our children are at risk.

    The police are not playing. These days they are trigger-happy. If your child gets into a confrontation with a policeman your kid is likely to die.

    Teach your children how to deal with authority and come home alive at the end of the day.

    We live in a dangerous world. Both the public and the police are armed to the teeth. When a policeman pulls over a car, or confronts a suspicious person on the street, he does not know if that person is armed and dangerous. All too often what initially appears to be an innocent contact turns out to be a deadly confrontation.

    Social media is full of video clips of policemen being shot during routine contacts and traffic stops for small infractions like speeding or equipment violations. Policemen react accordingly. They tend to view all citizens as dangerous suspects until they determine otherwise. Many cops are paranoid.  They view danger when it does not exist. They draw their weapons when they probably should not. Innocent people are mistaken for dangerous thugs and are gunned down.

    If police draw and fire their gun at what they perceive to be a dangerous threat they are trained to “shoot to kill” or shoot to “stop.”  Either way the person who is the target dies from multiple shots to the head or “the… (Read More)

    How long will public tolerate militarized police? Why are so many blacks killed?

    August 28, 2014
    By: Jack Strickland

    Why are the police shooting so many people these days?

    Why are so many teenagers among those gunned down? 

    And, why is that so many of… (Read More)

    Gators will rebound as Tally News makes fearless top-20 college football predictions

    August 26, 2014
    By: Jack Strickland

    It’s Game Week! College football kicks off around the nation this week. The annual rite of passage is shaping up as one of the more exciting and colorful football seasons… (Read More)

    Was Markel a victim of road rage or some kind of nasty argument the day he was shot?

    The police say that the window of Dan Markel’s car was bashed in when he was found shot.
    It takes some anger to bash in a car window, or at least the motivation that you are going to… (Read More)

    Florida Tales...
    Kids at hospital show No.1 Gator basketball team true courage as laughter, smiles are shared

    By Jack Strickland

    The number one nationally ranked Florida Gators basketball team faced two daunting challenges last week, one of them unknown to sportscasters.

    They destroyed perennial powerhouse Kentucky on the basketball court on Saturday afternoon.

    But earlier… (Read More)

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